“God Is My Curator”: On the Ukrainian Artist and Curator Anastasiia Pasichnyk —

Another exhibit, “Kolyska,” was held this past June—July at the Kurt Muhlenhaupt Museum in Kreuzberg. Curated by UCC member Sofia Golubeva and featuring the work of Anastasiia and other young Ukrainian artists, it played upon the multiple definitions of the Ukrainian word “Колиска” (“Kolyska”). Meaning a swing, a baby’s crib, or “motherland,” the word served as a metaphor for the artists’ current state of mind. Anastasiia explains her “swinging feeling” and the extremes her life has alternated b


George Balanchine’s 1967 ballet “Jewels”—in which each act is inspired by a different semi-precious gem—has proven a touring warhorse. In 2013, the Bolshoi Ballet came to London with the Balanchine classic. In 2017, the Lincoln Center Festival made history by inviting the Paris Opera Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, and the New York City Ballet (the company on which the work was originally made) to share the stage and perform an act each. And last Saturday night, it was the Australian Ballet’s turn, dancing “Jewels” at the Royal Opera House on their first tour to London since 1988.

Secret Things

What makes a choreographer great? This has been the question plaguing the dance world for the last thirty or so years. Is it their feeling for music, the originality of their combinations, the world they create?

Perhaps it lies in a name. On a screen near the back of the stage at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre last Thursday was projected, in bold letters, PAM TANOWITZ. Taking my seat, I couldn’t help but think of other similarly four-syllabled choreographers: George Bal-an-chine, Jer-o

Dancing the Difference

“Dancing was about learning to disassociate,” the narrator of Lola Lafon’s 2022 novel Reeling informs us early on. “Feet like daggers, wrists like ribbons. Power and languor. Smiling despite persistent pain, smiling despite nausea.” This declaration, only five or so pages in, strikes as piercingly as the daggers Lafon imagines for feet. What in this compulsion towards violence, I wondered, is so imperative when telling a story about dance? Scarcely a narrative arises that is not characterized by

Horoscopes 24/03

Happy Scary Aries season! The first (and best) sign of the zodiac ushers in the start of a new astrological year. Mercury also enters Aries on the 27th, officially leaving the murkiness of Pisces behind. Remember to read for your rising sign. Ram on!

Aries (21 March – 20 April) With both the Sun and Mercury in your first house of self, all eyes are sure to be on you. You might feel more daring than usual or meet circumstances that require you to be bold—nothing an Aries like you can’t handle.

Your Horoscope 27/01 – 04/02

Happy Aquarius season! Omicron is here and so is Mercury retrograde. The planet of communication has been travelling backward through Aquarius from January 13th to February 3rd, ensuring chaos and disruption for all. Go give birth to dancing stars! Remember to always read for your rising sign, which you can find by putting your birth place, date, and time into a birth chart calculator like Cafe Astrology.

As Mercury goes retrograde in your 11th house of technology and friends, you might be revi

In a Lonely Place: On Gaito Gazdanov’s “An Evening with Claire”

ALONG THE STORIED HALLS of Russian literature, the call of the name Gaito Gazdanov had, for many decades, elicited little more than a faintly alliterated echo. With the publication of Gazdanov’s 1930 debut novel, An Evening with Claire, Pushkin Press and translator Bryan Karetnyk beckon us closer to that resonant echo, the voice of a haunting and haunted author often compared to Nabokov and Proust but really dwelling in a room entirely his own. Who is this Gazdanov?He answers in spades: bargeman

Your Horoscope - 28/10-11/11

Boo! It’s Scorpio season. The biggest bits of astrology happening over the next few weeks are the new moon in Scorpio on November fourth, and Venus entering Capricorn on the fifth. Remember to always read for your rising sign, which you can find by putting your birth date, time, and place into any online birth chart generator.

Aries (21 March–20 April) With the new moon entering your eighth house of sex, death, and transformation, expect to feel emotional as fuck. As Venus enters your tenth hou